About the company  Artachoka Creative is about developing positive and delightful brand identities for small to medium size wellness businesses. If you have (or are starting) a business like this, you do not have to find the time and energy to create brand assets, or even settle for hiring an amateur. Artachoka Creative is here for you with affordable and professional brand identity services that will leave a lasting impression on your audience that a generic logo design never could.
Who the company serves — psychologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, midwives, doulas, massage therapists, nutritionists, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, wellness bloggers, healthy restaurant owners, etc.
About the founder  Amanda Kohler is a bright, young woman from the Midwest region of the United States. She has gained many unique opportunities outside of and within her college experience related to design and entrepreneurship in the last several years. Through each of these local and international opportunities, Amanda knew one thing was for sure, that she wanted to use her design skills to positively impact this world. Somehow living through 2020 gave her the conclusion for exactly how she could do that: opening her own business where she can offer brand identity services to small health and wellness companies who are just starting out!​​​​​​​
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