"It has been amazing working with the branding artist of Artachoka Creative while I was in need of a new brand identity system for my blog. I appreciate Amanda’s commitment and determination to research and look for resources that would resonate with me. I also appreciate her attention to small details in the meetings we had as it helped me choose the design that was best. I really enjoyed the process because I felt engaged all the way through. I believe a lot of people will enjoy working with Amanda from the health and wellness sector."
Lusayo Mwakatika
Agriculture & Wellness Blogger
"Before working with Artachoka Creative, I didn’t have a recognizable and standout brand identity system. The wellness branding artist of this company made this a good fit because Amanda is knowledgeable and familiar with the wellness industry. The best thing about partnering with her was that she is flexible and easy to work with. Her understanding nature and creative process is unique and approachable. I would be happy to book Artachoka Creative for future projects."
Tom Gonzalez
Founder of Collagen Bitch
"I worked with Amanda on the packaging process of Moyo tea brand from its origination to realization. The goal was to design tea packaging for artisanal farmers from Malawi for sale in an international market. She exceeded my expectations with her attention to detail of incorporating cultural elements in the branding. She's very creative, punctual and hardworking designer. I definitely recommend her!"
Francis Sambakunsi
Malawian econometrics professional
"It was a pleasure working with Amanda! Throughout the stylescape process, she incorporated various textures and graphics that cohesively align with my branding aesthetic. Amanda also provided font guidelines for future reference. She walked me through these elements and how they could be utilized in spaces such as a website or social media account. I appreciate that Amanda took the time to reconfigure aspects of this project to ensure complete satisfaction. I look forward to implementing the thoughtfully crafted and creative ideas she has provided!"
Niki Delvoye
Owner of Nicco Creative
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